Racing Car Party for Boys

Parents get a thrill out of fulfilling their child’s dreams. Creating a racing car party for a special little boy can bring so much joy. Boys love racing cars and themed birthday parties are becoming increasingly popular with children.

Decorations for a Racing Car Party

Black and white balloons, and chequered flags make ideal decorations for a racing car party. Black and white balloon arches and a large banner at the party entrance set the scene perfectly. Cut out pictures of the child’s favourite racing car and pin up around the party perimeter. Make and display street signage and caution signs, like Keep Left and No Passing.

Make a table cloth using chequered or coloured flags and create a podium for prize winners to receive their awards. Decorate the food area to resemble a pit stop, using old tyres and hay bundles as seats for the children. Line the party area with orange traffic cones for an added effect.

Racing Car Themed Party Games

Wrap a toy or model car in sheets of newspaper to create a racing car pass-the-parcel. Purchase inexpensive toy cars from a discount store and wrap one layer at a time, adding the cars into random layers. Musical pit stop is also a great game for kids. Instead of musical chairs, gather the children into a circle and place a number of flags in the centre. When the music stops, the children race to the centre to grab a flag.

Regular party games like freeze and red rover can be played, using small cars as prizes. Other racing car games include:

  • Pin the wheel on the car
  • Racing car pinata
  • Racing car treasure hunt
  • Tyre races

If you have more budget for the party, why you should not buy a slot car set. There are lots of choices for you. I suggest you to buy Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. That is a great one. If it’s a little bit expensive, check out others here at What is The Best.

Racing Car Party Food and Cake

Fill up empty tanks with a variety of themed party food. Ice biscuits and top with red, yellow and green coloured M&M’s to create traffic light biscuits. Piping the centre of Wagon Wheel or Oreo biscuits to represent hub caps, will create wheel cookies and are a hit with kids. Make an assortment of sandwiches and use a shaped cookie cutter to cut into car shapes.

Transform hamburgers into tyres using round buns. Using only one half of the bun, cut a circle in the centre without cutting through. Trim hamburger patties to fit in the center of the buns and pipe sauce onto patties to resemble wheel nuts.

An easy racing car birthday cake can be created using the child’s favourite car. Ice a quarter-slab sponge cake with coloured icing to create a racing track, then simply set down the car into position on the top of the birthday cake. The cake can also be cut into a figure 8 and decorated using small flags.

From decorations to party food there are an abundance of racing car themed items and activities to help parents set the scene for the boy’s ultimate birthday bash. Let the child’s imagination run wild with a birthday party he is sure to remember.