How To Avoid Allergies?


The immune system in the human body works to prevent diseases. It reacts to every kind of germs and health conditions. Sometimes, our immune system overreacts to some elements and cause allergy. Those elements are better known as allergens and some renowned types of allergens are pet dander, pollen and bee venom.

The immune system remains active 24-7 and it hunts for allergens. In case the body recognizes any allergen, it will react instantly to remove that allergen. It simply results in unwanted allergy symptoms. The symptoms can normal, harsh and sometimes very dangerous too. So, you need to know how to avoid allergies so that you don’t face the worst consequence due to allergy.

1. Take green tea

Green Tea aids in weight loss, but apart from that it contains some enzymes which are anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory. Green tea contains a compass, butled Catechins, which converts histamine to histidine. These are the amino acids responsible for the body immune system, where histamine plays a critical role in making it stronger. Have at least two glasses of green tea daily, it purifies blood and keeps allergies away.

2. Keep allergens outside the home

The chances of suffering from any sort of allergic reaction go down when you don’t welcome any allergen inside your home with the shoes. You may meet many people and visit various locations, where allergens like pollen may attack you. It is your job to prevent their entrance in the home and removing shoes outside the home is a great idea.

You should also wipe the coat of your dog before he comes back from the tour of your colony. The allergens may hide inside his fur and affect your kids. You should not take any risk and keep the allergens outside your home.

One way to keep allergens outside your home is to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Check out what are the best and allergy vacuum cleaner reviews by Health Essential for more information.

3. Keep the windows closed

MD, David Stokes, who works at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, says that kids become a soft target for allergens. You must take your kids to an allergist if see some changes in kid’s daily life activities. You may say that your kids remain inside the home, so chances of allergy are quite low.

Actually, there are many sources through which pollen can get inside the home. Mainly these allergens enter through windows with fresh air. They get easy entry and then affect your kids. It will be a good step towards an allergy-free life if you keep windows closed and use the AC to refresh the air.

4. Rose hips

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant. It contains lots of vitamin E, and C. Rosehips are rich in phytochemicals, which inhibits chemicals that produce histamine that may cause allergy in a certain way to the body. Rosehip essential oil can be inhaled through a steamer, and the benefits of it can be availed. Rosehip is helpful in many other ways like it promotes hair growth, it gives a glow to the skin, it cures asthma, etc.

You can be cautious to allergens and consume some allergy preventing ingredients that will keep allergy away from you and your family.